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Photos of Architecture and Real Estate

Colorello - the agency for design and photography


On this website we like to present a cross section of our photos from many areas:

•Architecture: Dwelling houses, office buildings, industry & other buildings

• People

• Nature: Scenery, wine & vineyards, flowers, close-ups

• Animals: Domestic animals, wild animals, birds, amphibians, insects & snails

• Countries & towns: Austria, Ireland, La Gomera, Polar Circle, Berlin & Potsdam

• Objects & Texture: Objekts, Studiophotography, Design-Templates, Holidays, Backgrounds & Abstract


Choose from a huge number of digital photos. Are you looking for a special idea? We would like to assist you in the search for the right photo. Or are you looking for a reliable Photograper for your assignment?



We are happy to help you.

Martina I. Meyer



Photos of People

Photos from Nature

Photos of Animals

Photos from Countries and Towns

Photos of Objekts and Texture